Weddings at Halfway Creek Lutheran


What is a Christian Wedding?

A Christian Wedding is a worship service in which we give thanks to God for the love God gives us.  It is a time when the community gathers to witness two people promising themselves to one another.  In the Christian wedding, scriptures are read, prayers are offered, and at times, the sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated.  The proclamation of the Gospel is central to all Christian weddings.

Selecting a Date

Weddings are arranged through the pastor.  Please check with the pastor immediately to be sure that the date you wish is available.  You are encouraged to avoid picking a date during Lent, due to the penitential spirit of the season.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Couples to be married at Halfway Creek are required to meet with the pastor two or three times for pre-marriage counseling.  The first session needs to be about four months prior to the wedding.

Choosing a Location for Your Wedding

Halfway Creek has two locations for weddings.  Weddings may be held in the church or in Whispering Pines outdoor worship center.  The pastor is willing to consider requests to officiate at weddings at other suitable locations.

The Rehearsal

Set the date and time of the rehearsal with the pastor when you arrange the date of your wedding.  It is not necessary to have the musicians present.  Please note that the rehearsal is not the time for the musicians to practice the musical selections.

The Pastor

Usually the pastor of the congregation is the presiding minister at all weddings within the congregation.  Other pastors may be a part of the service along with the pastor of Halfway Creek.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is an appropriate addition to Christian weddings.  Couples may choose to include Holy Communion in their wedding worship service, provided that the sacrament is celebrated by the whole community in accordance with the practices of the Lutheran Church.

Candles and Unity Candles

The church has two liquid oil candelabra for the altar.  Unity candles are a welcomed addition to the service.  Couples wishing to include unity candles in their service may use the church’s unity candle set, or provide their own.  Because the three candles used in the church’s unity candle set are lit with liquid wax, they remain on the property of Halfway Creek Lutheran after the service.  Other candles cannot be used in HCLC’s unity candle set.  The unity candle stand can be decorated with greenery and/or flowers. 


When organ music is desired in the wedding, it is customary that the church organist be asked to play the organ at all events in the church, including weddings.  It is possible to make other arrangements in some situations.

It is important to have a meeting with the organist early in your planning to help arrange the music for your wedding and to make certain that the organist is available on your wedding date.  Arranging an organist and any other musicians is your responsibility.

 Soloists and special music add beauty to the wedding.  Couples may make these arrangements at their own discretion.  All music needs to be approved by either the pastor or music director.

The Marriage License

Wisconsin Law requires a license to marry.  Laws differ from county to county so please contact your local county for details.  Arranging the license is your responsibility.  The marriage license should be given to the pastor at the rehearsal.  In Wisconsin there is a six-day waiting period between the time the license is applied for and received, so be sure to plan ahead.

The Custodian

We expect the church to be left in relatively clean condition.  Couples must arrange to have somebody remove decorations from the sanctuary/Whispering Pines prior to leaving our facilities.


A wedding is a worship service in the church.  We try to make this setting as intimate and worshipful as possible.  Thus, we ask that no flash pictures be taken during the ceremony, although the procession and recession may be photographed with a flash.  Video taping is possible but only if it is discreet and out of sight so as not to disturb the focus of the worship.  You may have the bridal party photographed either before or after the ceremony.


Rice and bird seed can be slippery and dangerous for people and birds.  A better alternative is to use bubbles.  If you use rice, please have the ushers sweep it up immediately after the wedding.

No Alcohol

We do not allow alcohol in the church, the church basement, or the grounds.  If members of the wedding party appear to have been drinking, they will not be allowed to participate.