Funeral Planner

At the time of death, when families are in deepest shock, there are so many arrangements to be made. This information is provided to help our members plan for a funeral.

When a death occurs, please contact the pastor

When somebody dies, it is very appropriate to call the pastor to come to the place of the death to be with the bereaved. Your pastor will offer prayers of comfort and thanksgiving, prayers of lament and grief, and scripture that reminds us of God’s love.

She or he will also help you make arrangements with the funeral home and provide other care as needed. Your pastor is available to accompany you to the funeral home to make arrangements with the funeral director.

Selecting the funeral date and time

When selecting a date and time for a funeral, please check with the pastor prior to finalizing plans with the funeral home. While funerals are a priority in the congregation, there are situations that may arise that could affect the date and time of a funeral.

Funeral Luncheons

Meal fellowship after the funeral is a possibility.  Please work with the pastor to make arrangements.

Prayer Services at the Funeral Home

Pastor is available to provide the family and other mourners with a brief prayer service during the visitation at the funeral home, should the family desire such a service. This service may be held for all gathered during visitation hours, or just with the family a few minutes prior to the beginning of the visitation.

Planning the Funeral Service

Funeral services are for the living. They provide comfort for the ones who mourn and remind the faithful of the promised resurrection. The pastor will work with you to select hymns, scripture and other music for the service. There is also the option of having a time of reflection from family and/or friends within the funeral service.


It is customary that the church organist be asked to play the organ at all events in the church, including funerals. It is possible to make other arrangements in some situations. The fee to have the organist play is negotiated with the organist. Please see the attached sheet for a list of possible hymn suggestions.

Holy Communion at Funerals

It is appropriate to celebrate Holy Communion at funerals. Sharing the sacrament during funerals nourishes us for our journey of grief by assuring us of God’s presence through the body and blood of the risen Jesus Christ. If you wish to have Holy Communion, please let the pastor know.

Making Advance Funeral Plans

The pastor is available to help anybody (healthy or sick) to make funeral plans in advance. She or he will write out plans you may wish to share and put them in a file in the church office for future reference.

Memorials to HCLC

Halfway Creek Lutheran is always ready to receive memorials dedicated to one who has died. If you wish Halfway Creek to be listed as a memorial recipient in the obituary, please let the funeral director know. All who donate to HCLC in memory of a loved one will receive an acknowledgement from the church. In addition, such gifts will be communicated to the family of the one being memorialized.


 From Evangelical Lutheran Worship

#324—In the Cross of Christ I Glory
#338—Beneath the Cross of Jesus
#629—Abide with me, fast falls the eventide
#596—My hope is built on nothing less
#632—O God, our help in ages past
#623—Rock of ages, cleft for me
#767—Lord, take my hand and lead me
#621—Jesus Christ, my sure defense
#785—When peace, like a river
#619—I know that my Redeemer lives!
#660—Lift high the cross
#742—What a friend we have in Jesus
#779—Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
#778—The Lord’s my Shepherd
#781—Children of the heavenly Father
#759—My faith looks up to Thee
#802—Let us ever walk with Jesus
#818—O Master let me walk with you
#812—Faith of our fathers
#838—Beautiful Savior
#638—Blessed Assurance
#773—Precious Lord, take my hand
#608—Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling
#574—I the Lord of Sea and Sky
#732—I was there to hear your borning cry
#787—On Eagle’s Wings

Please note that these are only suggestions and many other hymns are appropriate for funeral services.