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Directions to Halfway Creek Lutheran Church
W6016 County Road W

We are Easy to Find!
Halfway Creek Lutheran is located 2½ miles east of Holmen, WI.

From Holmen:
Follow County Highway D out of Holmen two miles. After driving through the s-curve you will see the church ahead. Keep going straight. When County D makes a left turn do not follow it. Instead, continue driving straight ahead, on County Road W. You’ll see the church long before County D makes the left turn… just follow the road to the church.

A couple of notes regarding Holmen roads:
In Holmen, County Road D is also known as State Street. It is the road that goes past the Library, T-Jo’s Pizza, and the school district’s bus garage/parking lot.

To find County Road D from Holmen Drive (the main four-lane road going through Holmen): take County Road DH (Park Bank) to Main Street, go north on Main about 7 blocks until you see County Road D.

From West Salem:
Take County Road M over the hill toward Holmen. When it comes to the T-intersection, follow County Road W to the left. You’ll come to the church in about a mile and a half.